Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bo Brennan

This is a dark, gripping book. I love the style and it's a subject that people sweep under the carpet. It's the second book featuring these characters but it stands well alone.

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My review

This is Bo Brennan’s second book featuring the detectives AJ Colt and India Kane. This is a complex story with many strands, all woven around a corrupt system of child care. In order to meet government targets on adoption, local authorities are ‘procuring’ new born babies in a number of totally immoral ways. Our two detectives with their often unconventional and occasionally ‘in-your-face’ policing methods, manage to connect some high profile people and wealthy private fostering agencies with the dirty deeds going on in the drive to meet government standards. It’s the sort of story where dreadful things happen, you are shocked and astounded – and then it only goes and gets worse! 

Bo Brennan writes with great authority – it’s masterful stuff and the characters created here work particularly well together. They aren’t merely cardboard cut-outs; they have histories and seem very different from one another. Opposites attract though, and I have really enjoyed the way these two have come along since the first book, Stealing Power. Baby Snatchers is dark, chilling and disturbing. I adore this gritty, down to earth style of writing and look forward very much to more from Bo Brennan.

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