Thursday, 13 March 2014

Lisa Hinsley

This is a novel but it's written by a young woman suffering from bowel cancer - it rings so true.  I've enjoyed Lisa Hinsley's other work and this is no exception. Gripping.

That Elusive Cure  That Elusive Cure

My review - 

I was drawn in by the product description of this book – a notably difficult thing to write! – and by the fact that I’ve read and enjoyed previous work by the author. Kathy is being treated for cancer which has progressed to a horrifying degree. While waiting in the hospital for treatment she is approached by another young woman who tells her how she was cured. There is a mysterious futuristic machine in an old church nearby and Kathy is given the key and told how to use it. We are taken through not only her own hopes and fears but those of her family, best friend, husband and others. Each has something which she feels this machine could cure. There’s a spanner in the works though, in the form of her husband Jimmy.

This is an amazing book which, although it’s not particularly short, I consumed in one sitting. Lisa Hinsley’s direct writing draws the reader straight in. It is evident from the intensity of feeling expressed that this has been written from direct experience and from the heart. There’s no maudlin sentimentality here but there’s lots of determination and lots of hope. All Lisa’s readers will surely share it. A thoroughly gripping story.

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