Sunday, 23 March 2014

Will Macmillan Jones

And now for something completely different!

Will writes funny books for adults - and scary books for adults.  This book is ideal for reading to children.  I tried it on my nine-year-old granddaughter who loved it and wants a sequel. I think she'll get her wish! Snort and Wobbles

My review - 

Wobbles is a little girl whose name is really Lisa and from the fact that her older brother gave her the name, you can see what sort of relationship they have. She loves dragons: clothes with dragons on, dragon books, everything dragon. They have recently moved house and Lisa gets her heart’s desire – she meets a real dragon who introduces himself as Snort. There’s more in their new area than dragons though, and this one helps her when her brother is captured – by goblins.

I road-tested this story on my nine-year-old granddaughter who absolutely couldn’t wait between instalments. She really loved the dynamic between the brother and sister and felt the creepiness of the next door neighbour. I understand there’s a sequel in preparation and I know one little girl (and by now, probably her six-year-old sister) who will want to hear this one too. A lovely book to read to children and very nicely illustrated too.


  1. First-born is NINE ?!?! Strewth, when did that happen? I remember her being born, and now she's half-way to being grown up?

    Lovely book review, quite fancy reading it myself :}

  2. Tempus Thingie and all that! She'll be in double figures by the end of the year.

  3. 9 y/o (and Granny) might enjoy Falcon Quinn & the Black Mirror, Jennifer Finney Boylan.

    Nice take on being true to yourself and sticking by one's friends - and some damn fine monsters :}