Friday, 27 February 2015

Debbie McGowan

This is part of a series featuring some of the same characters but I read this as a stand-alone and it works beautifully. Ruminations

My review - 

Josh, a young man who finds great difficulty in social situations, goes up to university with one of his two best friends, Jess. She is in another faculty and begins to make new friends – people Josh doesn’t think much of. Sean, from a very poor background who has grown up in The Troubles in Belfast, is put in the room next door – on the floor reputed to be haunted. Josh continues to find friendship difficult whereas Sean is a girl-magnet. Their unlikely friendship flourishes and Sean is very helpful to Josh in trying to resolve the goings-on in his room. Can it really be haunted?

This book sensitively explores the relationships of two young men who have grown up very differently but who are mutually supportive in a time of upheaval for them both. It’s quite funny in places and a very easy, enjoyable read. Definitely a winner for me.

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