Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jonathan Hill

This novella is a quick but thought-provoking read in which a gay teenaged boy struggles to be himself in the face of parental lack of understanding. Beautifully done.


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My review -

This novella tells the story of teenaged Liam and his struggle to become the person he knows he is. His family don’t know that he’s left the house to take part in a Gay Pride march in another city, but they find out and he feels sure his dad has been snooping in his bedroom. Over the next couple of years he meets the same group of young men there and feels he has his first true friends but at home, things take a downturn and his mother says something he can’t forgive.

This is a bittersweet story in which, whatever our own past, I’m sure we can all share in Liam’s uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. We’ve all been there. Though we may not be like Liam, we all potentially have a friend or even a child who might and what we say to them and how we say it can make the difference between a squashing boot and an open door. The story is told simply and beautifully and touches on both Pride and pride. I found it uplifting. A great little book with a stunning cover!

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  1. Such an important topic, thanks for sharing your review x