Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lisa Hinsley

This thriller from Lisa Hinsley has such an unexpected ending - I didn't read it, I devoured it!

Stolen Stolen

My review - 

The title of this book makes it sound like one of those abducted baby books but it couldn’t be further from that. When she’s trying to escape from her parents’ over-solicitous, smothering manner, Emily meets a man who owns a Scottish island. Her partner died violently a year ago, she miscarried their baby and she has never got over it. His offer touches her and she hopes to take this time out to pull her thoughts together and exorcise her demons. That’s not exactly how it works out.

This story is a really good read. I found myself continually thinking I knew how it would end, changing my mind as the story progressed, but I wasn’t within a mile of the true ending. It’s full of human ingenuity and the desire to survive. I will always reach for a new Lisa Hinsley book but this is, to my mind, her best yet.

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