Friday, 20 May 2016

Angela Marsons

Fourth in a series which keeps getting better.

My review -

This is the fourth DI Kim Stone book and the series continues to soar. There’s a secret ‘body farm’ and Kim is sent there by her superior to learn what happens to a decaying corpse. While there, they stumble upon a fresh one – newly killed and not part of the experiment. Things get weirder. Kim becomes involved with her old adversary, ruthless crime reporter Tracy Frost. They each learn something about the other (and about themselves) in the course of the book. The end of the story is heart-racing and exciting and right up to the end I suspected the wrong person. It’s great to be wrong-footed like that. If it’s easy to tell who’s the culprit it’s not much of a story – this IS much of a story!

I began, in the first of the series, by finding the lead character, Kim, a little stereotyped in terms of the modern police/detective novel but as the series has grown, so has the character of DI Stone. As much as you can say this of a fictional character, I like and respect her. I’m rooting for her when she’s in trouble; I want Bryant to turn up in the nick of time; I want Stacey to get to the core of the problem through her brilliant data-mining. I’m on the team, just cheering. This is a moving and exciting book. You must read it.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a review copy of this book.

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