Friday, 13 May 2016

Sean Campbell, Daniel Campbell

A writing duo who turn out an engrossing story.

Cleaver Square

My review -

DCI Morton and his team are investigating the murder of a child whose body was found in ice at Hackney Marshes. They can't get a handle on the investigation and for a long time the identity of the body remains a mystery. Meanwhile, some hacker has emptied Morton's bank accounts and his wife, blaming him, has thrown him out. And that's just the start!

I really enjoyed this story in which a number of villains get their comeuppance but a lot of difficult questions are asked. Catch the bad people and lock them up? That can allow even worse people to get away with murder, literally. Sometimes what seems the obvious answer simply throws up more problems. I enjoyed the mystery, the characters and fact that, although it was satisfying, the ending left a few threads. Life isn’t always black and white. I was engrossed in this story all the way through.

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