Tuesday, 17 May 2016

John Bowen

This is a thriller with a supernatural element. It draws you in!

Where the Dead Walk


My review -

‘Where The Dead Walk’ is the name of a television show which takes viewers on tours of allegedly haunted buildings. The presenter, Kate, and a medium named Charles take a tour of a building trying to ascertain if there's a restless spirit there. Kate and her producer, Henry, are sceptical and by series two haven't found much to convince them. They fear losing the series. Then they are invited to a house in a bleak spot. This time, there genuinely seems to be something present and it takes a personal interest in Kate.

In this story the evidence for something supernatural unfolds gradually.  We share Henry and Kate's scepticism until Sebastian, the owner of the property, takes a hand to convince Kate. We discover links from Kate's past which make the story feel possible, maybe inevitable. I found this story completely engrossing. A great read.

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