Thursday, 30 November 2017

Conrad Jones

My first Conrad Jones book won't be my last!

Nearly Dead link

My review - 

Charlie McGee, a drug gang boss, is throwing his weight about at the beginning of this gripping and gruesome novel. He has got where he is by sheer ruthlessness and by threatening a dreadful death to those who defy him – and to their loved ones. He’s not the only kingpin in the city, as he is shortly to discover. DI Alec Ramsey is on the trail after a body is found. His team soon uncover more than a drug ring.

This is my first taste of Conrad Jones’s work and, as this is a prequel, it is leading me on to the first in the Alec Ramsey series. I don’t think I shall be long following the trail! The story is horrific enough for any blood-and-guts reader, with intricate plotting and some horrific detail! It’s an excellent idea to have a prequel like this as it has set up the first in the series very well. Seriously readable stuff.

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