Thursday, 30 November 2017

Michael J Malone

Another new author to me. I love finding books as good as this.

House of Spines link

My review -

Ranald McGhie learns he has inherited a huge home, complete with library, from a great uncle he never knew, on his mother’s side of the family. Ranald has mental health issues and when he moves into his new home he stops taking his medication. The atmosphere he meets here, the presence he feels, could be as a result of his missing meds – or they could be real.

This is a brilliantly creepy book, covering mental health, greedy cousins, a strange housekeeper and gardener and the power of books and reading. It really creates an atmosphere in the house, forbidding and unwelcoming even to its new owner. There’s definitely a gothic-ghost-story feel to this book, though it’s set in the present day, which makes it more a credible and a more uncomfortable read. Highly recommended and I enjoyed it a lot.

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