Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Beverley Carter

The third of the Eden Reid mysteries - a real page-turner.

Sleeping Dogs

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A man is found horribly mutilated outside an old lady’s house. Eden goes to see her – she can’t keep herself to herself. She then visits the widow of the murdered man. She’s genuinely concerned – not a nosy person! The widow knows who’s behind it but daren’t speak up. There’s all manner of things going on in this sleepy village, including dog fighting and wife beating and they’re all tied up with the political ambitions of a rich man.

It was lovely to meet some old friends from earlier stories here, though the book doesn’t depend on them. I think it can be read as a one-off. I love the Eden Reid mysteries because it’s not DS or DCI Eden Reid. It’s Miss Reid, the woman in the street. You can put yourself in her position. Her concern for the victims and her loathing of corruption come through and will be shared by readers. Another cracking good story in this series.

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