Wednesday, 3 January 2018

L M Krier

A prequel. I've only read Book 1 (so far) but it fills in some gaps. If you want to start this series (and I've enjoyed it so far) this is the place.

The First Time Ever link

My review -

I think many readers of this prequel will be fierce fans of the Ted Darling series already. I’ve only read the first but enjoyed it so much that I pre-ordered this. We see here several firsts in Ted’s life, such as his first kill as a firearms officer, his first meeting with Trev, his partner, the first time they adopt a cat (rapidly followed by another six!) and his first cases in CID.

I enjoy the characters in these books. Story and character are both important to me and here we are given both. This was a book I struggled to put down at bedtime and found it a gripping read. If Ted has a fault, he’s too good to be true but I sincerely hope there are at least as many decent, kind, generous and hard-working DIs in the force as popular fiction would have us believe there are drunken, maverick misfits. This is one police officer I want to believe in!

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