Thursday, 25 January 2018

Susan Handley

An excellent debut novel and first in a series.

A Confusion of Crows link

My review -

Cat McKenzie is a recently appointed detective. Her boss is her late brother’s best friend. Cat feels she has his memory to live up to. They begin to investigate the murder, by garrotte, of a young woman. They think they have the killer, only to find another woman murdered by the same method, while their suspect is in custody. Then a third body turns up. Are they connected?

This is an excellent debut novel and augurs very well for a potential series. Cat is sometimes hesitant, sometimes reckless, as a new detective would be when feeling her feet in the job. She has to contend with a chauvinist boyfriend and a sergeant who is a bit of a dinosaur. I found it all very realistic and exciting. It was great to see the way Cat grew both in her personal and professional life throughout the book. A highly recommended read.

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