Saturday, 21 July 2018

Mark L Fowler

The second in the Tyler and Mills series but also a great stand-alone story.

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My review -

The story begins with the callous murder of a young man, and DCI Tyler and DS Mills have the task of discovering who killed him. He used to be in a band which is about to get its big break, but he left to start his university studies. He wrote one of the songs that his erstwhile best friend is claiming authorship of. There’s a tangled web between the young men involved, and two sisters who at various times have been the girlfriends of some of them. These lives and intrigues weave together to make a real knot, and it’s a job and three quarters for Tyler and Mills to untangle it.

Mark Fowler had given all these characters a reason to mistrust one another, in some cases even to hate each other. Yet is it enough to murder someone? Someone who wasn’t even in the band any longer? The more questions they ask the tighter the knot becomes. I found this intriguing and at times very exciting as the detectives, whose banter has now become more relaxed, work their way through conflicting evidence. Is anyone telling the truth? A very good read indeed.

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