Thursday, 2 August 2018

Debbie McGowan

A novella with a lot to say and a humorous way of saying it.

The Great Village Bun Fight link

My review -

I’ve read a number of serious works by Debbie McGowan but here she lets her sense of humour off the leash. It’s witty and slapstick – a rare combination. The village of Banton has had a Henry Jones running its bakery for many generations until one goes to the wrong side of the law and is cut off. The shop closes. The real story here is about prejudice. Why can’t a Jones woman take over the bakery? Why won’t the other shop provide a wedding cake for the last of the Jones line when he marries his boyfriend? It culminates in an inter-village Cake-Off, hinted at in the title. The author narrates the tale in a knowing style and takes the reader into her confidence. It works extremely well and this novella is a short tale that packs a big punch.

It is also part of the Seasons of Love anthology

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