Tuesday, 21 August 2018

M W Craven

First in a series and I'm now waiting for the next!

The Puppet Show

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My review -

My first M W Craven novel will not be my last. What a corking set of characters he creates. Washington Poe and his dog Edgar (took me 20% of the book to twig!), his data analyst Tilly Bradshaw and DI Stephanie Flynn work together on a set of mysterious deaths by fire. Tilly has social issues and is very literal which causes some wry humour as she gets to grips with her new role. Poe is the kind of man who won’t let go. The tension is palpable as he fears he is to be a victim. I enjoyed both the unravelling of the mystery and the great characters involved with it. The ending was utterly, wonderfully satisfying. I look forward to more books with these characters.

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