Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Adam J Nicolai

This is a new author to me and I was bowled over by this story.


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My review - 

Ian is a father in crisis. His five year old son was murdered six months ago and since then, his marriage has hit rock bottom and his wife has left. He ‘hears’ and later ‘sees’ his son Alex in their home and is given messages in the form of things he recalls Alex saying in life. The reader watches Ian’s life unravel around him. He’s given warnings for lateness at work as he regularly sleeps badly but wakes late. We ask ourselves what’s going on in his life and I was as puzzled as he was.

This is a first novel by an American author and I found it utterly gripping. I wondered, as Ian himself did, if he was losing his sanity, if there was something supernatural going on, if he were becoming schizophrenic. There were many possibilities, all feasible from the writing. The little boy, Alex, whom we meet only in snatches, comes over as a lovely, loving, earnest little boy and his father decides he is trying to impart a message. The journey we take with the two of them and with Alina, Ian’s estranged wife, is a thrilling, intriguing and oddly compelling one. I can really recommend this as a book you’ll not want to put down.

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