Monday, 22 April 2013

Lisa Hinsley

This is a true account of Lisa's experiences when diagnosed with bowel cancer.  It's frank and very down to earth. I've enjoyed some of her fiction and hope people will read this and appreciate her bravery and her hearty attitude to life.

Coping? (Part 1)

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My review -

This is a true life account of Lisa Hinsley's recent diagnosis of bowel cancer. I've read and enjoyed a number of Lisa's fiction books and knew she had this diagnosis and was determined to keep a diary of her experiences. It's not a long book and is intended as a Part 1. She details her treatment to date and the prognosis. Her cancer has also affected her liver and there are plans for a further operation to address this. 

Lisa is a strong young woman of 40 with a very supportive family. Her chances, compared to the usual bowel cancer patient of older years, are bound to be better. We can follow her own feelings on the matter in this really down-to-earth account. I found it completely gripping and was with her all the way. I still am, and hope for her full recovery.

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