Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Stuart Ayris

This is the third book in Stuart's much acclaimed FRUGALITY trilogy.  It's strange, it's personal; above all, it's wonderful.

I woke up this morning (FRUGALITY: Book 3)

Amazon .com I woke up this morning (FRUGALITY: Book 3)

My review - 

This third book in the Frugality series asks the question "What is real and what is not real?" It's a good question! Rod, the midget from Book 2, and his group of friends, decide to try to find Simon Anthony, the subject of Tollesbury Time Forever. Stuart Ayris, the author of the book, is also seeking him, accompanied by his long-suffering wife. A number of little facts from earlier books fall into place as the story unfolds. It's a strange and compelling journey we take, following a man whose life was changed so many years ago by another man's decision that he'd had enough.

There's a lot of humour in this book but a sad poignancy too. It is certainly multi-dimensional. You will no doubt have read the first two books in the Frugality Trilogy if you are considering embarking upon this one. You will know what to expect from Stu's writing and you won't be disappointed. What I love about his work is the playful use of language. Anyone can invent a word - it often happens in the fantasy genre - but Stuart uses and twists existing words to draw a little more meaning from them. This is creativity and I love it!

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