Monday 22 April 2013

Steven Hobbs

Steven is a new author who has written a really intriguing story with both past and present elements in there.  I really got into this book.

Stone Ties Stone Ties

My review - 

This is a story which links the 18th Century and the present day through the love of stone. Simeon is a consultant and researcher who is fascinated by the work of an historic sculptor he knows only as The Northern Master. Flora is a lively, talented and enigmatic sculptor whose work he buys. They meet and the monogram of MJ and the initials JD turn up in various places adding mystery and intrigue to the plot.

There are two deftly handled time frames here, both the present day narrative and the story of those working in the 18th Century at the Cathedral in Worcester. We meet those producing sculpture for monuments as well as those carving to renew the fabric of the building. Simeon is determined to find the name of the sculptor whose work he has so admired. The story is exciting as it reaches a climax both now and in the past. It’s a thrilling and unusual story, beautifully written and very engaging in its subject matter. There’s a short author note at the end so that we can see where some of the inspiration came from. However, I wouldn’t underestimate the role of the author’s imagination. This is a great bit of storytelling.

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