Friday, 13 September 2013

Julie McLaren

A new author with a fantastic sense of humour.  I look forward to more like this!

The Music of the Spheres The Music of the Spheres

My review - 

This novel, by new author Julie McLaren, tells the story of a God disenchanted with what humanity have done since he gave them free will. He’s an ecologically minded deity and is horrified at out treatment of his planet. In olden times, a plague or two sufficed to call people’s attention to God’s will, but these days there’s always some expert or PR person there to explain it all away. God looks for a new prophet – and finds Nigel Perkins. Nigel is convinced that he is to be abducted by Aliens who will make him their spokesman on Earth. 

This is an extremely well written book which with its quirky sense of humour really appealed to me. I enjoy the author’s style of writing and her take on ufology, modern music and much else besides. God makes his presence known with a fabulous light show which inspires musicians and finally brings him to people’s attention. The ending is brilliant! I heartily recommend this book and I do hope the author has further stories up her sleeve.

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