Saturday, 7 September 2013

Simon Jenner

Simon Jenner is another new author to me but one whose books I will be following in the future.

Ethan Justice - Origins Ethan Justice - Origins

My review -

This book begins with a dissolute 32 year old man with the bland name of John Smith, being taken to task by his parents and best friend for wasting his life and talents.  He has a good Oxford degree and is working as a junior clerk.  His parents own his flat.  He becomes involved with Savannah Jones (Smith and Jones eh!) in tracking down a murderer, helped and hindered by two special agents. 

There’s a huge amount of action in here and quite a lot of dark humour.  The interplay of characters is very good and the villain of the piece, a rogue ex-SAS operative, is creepy and uncomfortable in the extreme.  I was very much engaged with the story and the people Simon Jenner has created and I know I shall read more of this series.  Highly recommended!

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