Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nigel Bird

I've read some of Nigel's work before, much of being dark, gritty and tough.  This is a new departure for him, a sort of male-view romantic comedy.  I'm not a rom-com reader but I read this on a recommendation and I'd have missed a treat if I hadn't!

How to Choose a Sweetheart How to Choose a Sweetheart

My review - 

I have read a number of books by Nigel Bird and this is a complete departure from his usual dark and gritty style. I love it! Max, the young man who is trying to find a girlfriend after a break up with his previous lady, goes to great lengths and some subterfuge, to become a part of her life and that of her 6 year old daughter. Will he dare come out with the truth? Can he base the relationship on a lie? We also follow the fortunes of his old flame as she finds happiness with another man. One of the most touching characters though, is the piano teacher, Mr Evans. 

The book is full of beautifully drawn characters, and their interplay is subtle but believable. The written style is chatty, friendly - a true story teller air about it. Earlier reviews mention errors but I found this very good. It's obviously been worked on since publication. It's a thoroughly enjoyable feel-good book which I had recommenced to me and which I heartily recommend in my turn.

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