Monday, 29 September 2014

Darren Humphries

Here's a selection of dark short stories - sensational, as pulp fiction is.

They Came From Beyond Pulp They Came From beyond Pulp

My review -

This is a great selection of short stories of varying length. What they have in common is the voice of the author who writes in a very accessible style and uses words cleverly. I enjoy his barbed wit and gentle horror. I don’t mean it’s wimpy but it never goes beyond the bounds of taste. These stories remind me a little of the old Tales of the Unexpected. I enjoyed them all but the first and the last were my favourites. It’s always good to leave a book with the memory of enjoyment. Clever, intriguing and… unexpected, this is a short-novel length collection of stories which will blow on the back of the neck of your imagination. Delightfully dangerous!

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