Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sheila Perry

This is (at the time of reading/writing) a hot topic. It's a speculation on the future of Scotland with its independence and its battle against climate change. I found it thought provoking and amusing.

The Mountain and the Flood The Mountain and the Flood

My review -

Gavin and Emma live in an Independent Scotland some years in the future. This book was published in 2010 when to most of us, Scottish Independence probably still felt fairly fictional. Emma works for the Scottish government and is concerned about the effects of climate change. Gavin is an archaeologist and spends more time with their teenaged children than Emma can. Gradually, the authorities take draconian measures and Emma, opposing them, is edged out of her job. When things get out of hand, the couple’s son Dan becomes involved with an environmental group and gets himself locked up. Climate change makes violent weather and eroded coastlines and rivers commonplace. It’s a bleak looking future!

I really enjoyed this book. Whatever your feelings about the current debate, you will enjoy the humour in here. I loved things like the recent epidemic of flamingo flu! Warmer weather doesn’t just affect the polar bears. The story is told alternately from Emma’s and Gavin’s viewpoints and although at the beginning they appear to be a couple growing apart, the family comes through in the end. I love a bit of speculation, especially when it both makes me think and makes me laugh!

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