Monday, 29 September 2014

Paul Dale

The second in this humorous 'Handbook' and a must if you enjoyed the first.

The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest The Dark Lord's Handbook: Conquest

My review - 

Morden, who has learnt all his Dark Lording from a book legible only to him, is now intent upon Issuing Forth from his dread stronghold to conquer his enemies. There are heroes intent upon stopping him and they have recruited some ancient beings to help. Griselda, his foul-mouthed Dark Queen, leaves and opposes him. However, a new flight of dark dragons arises to assist him. There's a furious battle at the end and things throughout didn't always turn out as I expected.

I loved Book One of this series and the same wry humour pervades this second book. For a ruthless, self-serving villain, Lord Morden Deathwing has an endearing side and I find myself torn between wanting the 'goodies' to win - including a rich and self-indulgent Chancellor and cheering for an undead dragonlich. Such is the persuasive power of Paul Dale's writing. Very enjoyable.

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