Monday, 22 September 2014

David McGowan

I enjoyed David's first book, The Hunter Inside, but this story hangs together better, in my opinion. It's the first of a trilogy and we shouldn't have to wait too soon for the second.

From the Sky: Arrival  From the Sky: Arrival

My review -

This is a First Contact story set in America and we meet a small group of people who, in a very short time, have their whole existence overturned. They are individuals who each have a lot of baggage and carry history and sometimes tragedy of their own, even before they see the three massive ships in the air above them and find out what they are capable of. This is just the first of a trilogy and I don't want to spoil it with too much detail but it involves this group in a road trip. One is a small boy with his grandfather and his pet dog and he features in the exciting climax of book one.

I loved the writing, the atmosphere of helplessness and the dogged determination of Jim, the lawman, to uphold the law he believes in, even when it appears pointless to others. There are a few loose ends to be tied up and they augur well for the sequels. The interplay between the characters was enough to keep the tension racked up and the end was exciting enough to increase my heart-rate for a couple of pages. I thought it was excellent.

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