Sunday, 8 October 2017

Kelly Clayton

Third in a series but it would make a great stand alone novel.

Blood on the Rock link

My review -

A body is found on a boat. It belongs to a member of a rather fractured family and as Le Claire and his team investigate, they are snowed under with people who might have wanted the man dead. Their task is to sieve out the evidence and find which one it actually was.

I’ve really enjoyed this series, this being the third. The relationships, within Le Claire’s own family, and between members of his team, are growing and strengthening, and I’m enjoying taking these journeys with them. Kelly Clayton manages to find a good balance between the popular but often incredible ‘rogue cop’ genre and the foot-slogging real life police drama. Sometimes you could shake Jack Le Claire, but you admire his tenacity and his attention to the job. Snippets of his family life add to the mix and a horrible episode from his past comes up to bite him at the end. There’ll be more Jack Le Claire, I’m glad to say! A really good story in which the island of Jersey is almost a character.

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