Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Louise Jensen

Another 'first for me' author who writes a rattling good story.

The Surrogate link

My review - 

Kat is pushing thirty and desperate for a baby. She and her husband have tried for adoption abroad but each time it’s fallen through at the last minute. Then she meets up with her old school friend, Lisa who offers to be surrogate mother for them. Kat’s suspicious. There’s been something in their past which she has been hiding, and which Lisa’s return into her life may resurrect. Kat becomes increasingly anxious and has fears that her husband is unfaithful, too, and that somebody is stalking her.

The book was very exciting to read. I read it over twenty-four hours just because I was desperate to find out what had happened in the past and what lay in the future. There’s a darkness, a threat, just out of touch for most of the book, and when it comes out, it’s an eye-opener. This story gradually reveals the consequences of wrong decisions taken in times of panic and crisis, and the results of lying to ourselves until we begin to believe the lies are truth. A blisteringly good read.

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