Thursday, 22 November 2012

Will Macmillan Jones

This second book in The Banned Underground series is a cracker.  I enjoyed it more than the first - and I enjoyed that!

The Mystic Accountants-(Banned Underground)  The Mystic Accountants (The Banned Underground)

My review -

This is the second book in the Banned Underground series.  I found it a better read than the first – and I loved that one.  Maybe the author was getting into his stride – maybe I was getting into his style?  The wonderful multi-species Banned (including bog troll, dwarf – now even a dragon!) are on a mission to acquire a new throne for the King under the mountain.  Then they’ll have the ultimate gig in the hall of the mountain king!  The Mystic Accountant, meanwhile, has big things in his sights, beginning at the Welsh Assembly.  Typical teens Chris and Lynda with their atypical aunt Dot are chasing the sect who kidnapped their uncle while the route of the whole quest is strewn with distressed frogs.  You’ve really got to read it to get the benefit!

This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who loves fantasy, anyone who loves a laugh.  I think Will Macmillan Jones’ default setting is ‘funny’.  The writing style is easy, conversational, accessible and, did I say funny?  We get to see the Banned’s play lists too, and I have to say, I rather fancy attending one of their gigs – especially if they can manage to hold it at a beer festival again.  Many fantasy lovers adore a series, a saga, and are disappointed to find stand-alone books.  If you’re one of these, look no further.  This series, with its trail of distraught frogs, will run and run, I hope.


  1. Thank you for your review of Mystic Accountants! I bet you can't wait to read the next one, can you?

  2. You're not wrong! (Might have to though - got a book to proof read next.)

  3. Well, as far as Will Macmillan Jones continuing the series, so long as he's got room in his brain to write, we'll keep 'em coming. So far he's signed for 8 books total - but we can keep going from there...