Thursday 28 June 2018

Laura Marshall

Three Little Lies is another cracking thiller/crime/mystery from Laura Marshall.

Three Little Lies link

My review -

Ellen’s flatmate Sasha has gone missing. Ten years ago, Ellen’s school friend Karina accused a boy of rape and he was subsequently imprisoned. Ellen fears he’s come to avenge himself on Sasha who gave evidence against him – as did she.

Initially I found I mixed Ellen and Karina up as their ‘voices’ didn’t seem individual. As the story progressed, however, the interaction between the characters, who was secretly having a relationships with whom, and the lies and secrets they told, became utterly fascinating. The characters were misleading one another and the reader and I didn’t guess the outcome at all. I found it a compulsive read and enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Carl Ashmore

At last - another book from Carl Ashmore. It's been worth the wait!

Zak Fisher and the Angel Prophecy link

My review -

It’s been a while since we saw the end of the Time Hunters but I can tell you that Carl Ashmore hasn’t lost his touch. Once again, he takes familiar concepts – Angels, Templars, even David and Goliath – and gives them a modern context. I loved the characters, both good and bad, and the story is obviously the first in a series though it ends satisfactorily and not on a cliff.

This is a prime example of how a book with an intended teenaged audience can speak to people of any age. I loved it and can’t wait for more.

Eilidh McGiness

A wartime novel based on a true story. The Cypher Bureau. Gripping stuff.

The Cypher Bureau link

My review -

Between the wars, three young Polish mathematicians are set the task of decoding messages from the German Enigma machine. One of them, Marian, manages to make a replica version, including both the mathematics and the mechanics of the task in his solution. When the war starts they are conscripted into the army and their lives take a different turn. Separated from his wife for six years in wartime, Marian, goes back to Poland afterwards rather than start a new life in Britain. The story is intriguing, harrowing, enlightening and always interesting. I enjoyed it very much.

Friday 22 June 2018

Tracy Chevalier

I've loved every book of hers that I've read. Just so interesting and a touch of history too. Oh, and quilts!

The Last Runaway

My review - 

I haven’t read a Tracy Chevalier that I’ve not enjoyed a great deal. Her style of writing appeals to me, together with the historical subjects she chooses. Here we have a young Quaker woman who moves to Ohio from Brixham in Devon, and before the journey is over, she loses to a fever the sister she travelled with. The theme of the book is that it’s not easy to follow your convictions. I enjoyed the story very much, loved the characters and the fact that quilts featured occasionally. It was a fast and gripping read. Be aware that it finishes at 93% for an excerpt. Not something I like.

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Shervin Jamali

A second helping of Shervin Jamali's versions of God and the Devil! Fast, furious and mind-mangling.

Escape from Hell link

My review -

Like its predecessor, The Devil’s Lieutenant, Escape from Hell is a mind-twisting read. Michael is working for Satan and it’s a real roller coaster as acts of revenge turn into huge errors because Satan knows the future but Michael doesn’t. He is aided by Raphael and his sole intent is to find a replacement in hell for himself and go to join his family in heaven. It’s fast and furious and, be warned, there’s plenty of sin! Another amazing outing from this author’s imagination. Looking forward to Part 3.

M R Carey

From the author of the fantastic The Girl with all the Gifts. Follow-ups are hard to do. I think this one nailed it.

The Boy on the Bridge link

My review -

I adored The Girl with all the Gifts so I had great hopes for this book – but how do you follow a book like TGWATG? Its greatest strength, for me, was that the true situation dawned slowly. In this book, we know the situation. There’s no gradual, awful realisation. That said, as the book progressed I found it simply gripping. So many possibilities to be resolved and not all in a happy-ever-after manner. But this is dystopia. This is brilliant dystopia. If you want to be made to think rather than simply grossed-out at every turn, this is the book for you. Another winner.

Friday 15 June 2018

Shervin Jamali

A new author to me and this short novella packs a real punch!

The Devil's Lieutenant link

My review -

This is the most amazing novella. I love to read something a bit different and this story is certainly that. It shifts back and forth in time but it’s easy to follow. I enjoyed this interpretation of the roles of God and the Devil, and to find that, by the end of the story, things were not exactly as I’d thought. Interesting, intriguing and almost metaphysical, this is a very good read.

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Peter Boland

A first book in the thriller genre for this author and it's an absolute cracker!

Savage Lies link

My review -

When you have an ex-SAS member with a wrong to right, you know you’re going to be in for an adventure and a thriller. All you need is for it to be a good story, well told. Here we have it all. John Savage thinks he knows what’s going on when a girl disappears. We think we know, too. This is a masterful bit of storytelling and I really enjoyed the way it unfolded as we got to the truth. By 90% of the novel I thought it was all over and we were having the ends wrapped up for us but the action never stopped. Highly recommended.