Saturday, 16 February 2013

Carl Ashmore

The problem with long anticipation of another book from a favourite author is that as soon as it's published, you read it... and the long anticipation starts again!

Time Hunters # 3 the Spear of Fate Time Hunters #3 The Spear of Fate

My review - 

In this third outing in Uncle Percy’s Time Machines, the wonderfully observed Becky and Joe take a trip to Egypt. They find that the evil Time Traveller Emerson Drake has been working with a doctor from wartime Germany. Evil piles upon evil, and just a few good people stand in its way. They search for the Spear of Fate with the help of Will and Edgar the Minotaur and have to solve a couple of puzzles on the way. This story is darker and includes the presence of a truly evil man. One might almost say, you couldn’t make him up. Sadly, you needn’t. 

Carl Ashmore doesn’t duck the hard events in history and his stories are all the more real for that. The children, too, are a delight; even, perhaps especially, when they act as typical teenagers and strop at one another. As always, there are some very funny moments in this book, partly consisting of the banter between the children and partly the comments of their long-suffering Uncle Percy. There’s plenty of action, one or two unexpected meetings and for Becky, a real ‘Ahh’ moment towards the end. I won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll know it when you read it. It’s great to discover at last, the cause of ‘the Sphinx’s inscrutable smile!’ Altogether, this is another brilliant Ashmore Special. 

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