Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bo Brennan

This is a new author to me and one to watch for the future.  I really got sucked into this book.

Stealing Power

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My Review -

This is a fantastic first novel which is intended as the first of a trilogy.  DCI Colt and Detective India Kane are on the trail of a serial rapist.  The man obviously has some issued with Colt, as he sends him videos of the incidents as they happen.  He also sends them to the drugged women, many of whom don’t know they’ve been violated until they receive a tape.  The story here is unusual, in that it involves not only individuals but families.  The two detectives involved find themselves facing their own pasts and their own darkest fears.

This is a gripping story and nicely told. I found myself twice deducing the identity of the villain and being wrong on both occasions!  Lovers of crime stories, especially dark psychological thrillers, are in for a good read with this one.  I particularly found the opening sequence a real hook.  I couldn’t stop reading after that!  Excellent stuff, and I’m glad there’s more to come.

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