Monday, 14 October 2013

Hunter S Jones and An Anonymous English Poet

This is a collaborative book by an author I've never come across before and an author/poet whose work I have previously read and loved.  This works seamlessly here.

September Ends September Ends

My review 

I really enjoyed this story which documents the relationships of Liz Snow, who felt lost and adrift since she and her brother were in a car crash in which he died. She entered a brief unsuccessful marriage then, while concentrating on her career, became involved with Pete who shared her love of poetry. She eventually met and married Jack, the poet whose blog they both followed. The story is told from different points of view and in the form of emails, letters, diary entries and narrative. There is a fairly racy section in the first half of the book in which Liz and Pete share their fantasies in a private chatroom, and later in the flesh. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t class this as Erotica, nor would I say it’s Romance. It charts the evolution of a number of interwoven relationships and it’s fascinating.

The whole story is beautifully told and the poet Jack is brought to life by means of his poems. We are brought up against personal loss and the characters' reactions to those experiences. I was especially impressed that Jack's poems are different in style from Pete's although written by the same (anonymous) member of the authorship collaboration. I'd love to see more from this pair. It's a seamless collaboration and there's scope for more.

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