Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Simon Jenner

This is the second in the Ethan Justice series.  It's another fast paced action thriller with a superbly evil villain!

My review - 

Ethan Justice and his work partner and on-off girlfriend Savannah Jones are working with Herb Johnson from an organisation called Earth guard. Johnson seems to have finances and technical wizardry at his fingertips, some if which Justice and Jones are given to use. They are up against a sick-minded criminal Uber-villain who is behind the disappearance of a young girl the pair have promised to find.

This is a high octane action story, the second in its series, and twists a number of story strands together. I very much enjoy Justice as the unlikely hero and Jones as the surprising heroine. I loved her effect on his previously unyielding parents in this book! Lovers of the thriller genre will quickly engage with this series. I enjoyed it a lot.

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