Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tim Arnot

This is a longish short story set in the 'post Collapse' times the author has created so well.

Socko's First Case Socko's First Case

My review -

Andy ‘Socko’ Garrett is seventeen and a Kingsman cadet.  It’s his first case and it involves stolen gold and a dead body – and it’s the king’s gold.  Talk about starting at the top!  With his more experienced partner Corporal Barnes, he is given the task of solving the mystery and recovering the gold in time for Boxing Day when it’s to be given to the poor.  Socko started (and lasted less than a day) in the local Watch.  The difference between him and the local watchmen is that he has brains!

This is a great little story set in the time of the author’s full length novel Wanted.  You can read this as a stand-alone though.  I thoroughly enjoy the post-apocalyptic setting when the constraints of minimum technology are in place.  Excellent stuff – and I still want the second novel!

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