Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tim Arnot

This is another 'novelette' form the author of Wanted, first in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. It's funny, wry and a great little read!

Socko's First Day

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My review - 

Socko Garrett is old enough for The Choosing, where all 15 year olds are taken on as apprentices at an annual fair. Nobody chooses him so he ends up in the watch - the police. He's later discovered, headhunted we'd say these days, by the Kingsmen, the elite militia answerable only to the monarch. They choose him because, unlike most of the local watch, he has a brain.

This is one of Tim Arnot's short stories set in his post-apocalyptic world. Some of the characters are common to these short stories and the full length novel, ‘Wanted’ but the novelettes stand well as stories in their own right. There’s a wry humour in these tales which I greatly enjoy. They're very good indeed.

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