Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lee Penney

I haven't read any of Lee Penney's work before. It's jolly good action adventure stuff. 

Holdfast Holdfast

My review - 

The human inhabitants of earth have been forced to live under the sea because of the cosmic radiation now flooding the surface. Calder is a scavenger and supplements his income from fish preparation by going right down to the Holdfast – the structure anchoring the city he lives in to the seafloor. It’s made up of sunken or scuttled ships and a few people make a living from salvaging anything they can find. There he meets and is befriended by Trice and she’s a scavenger from the Holdfast too. 

There were intriguing mentions later on of a research facility developing a serum which could allow people to return to the surface, if only for brief spells. I’m pleased to see that by the end of this book there’s the promise that we’ll be reading more of that. This story begins as though it’s going to be hard-core science fiction but in all honesty, the heart of the story could have taken place anywhere. It deals with kidnap, family relationships – father to daughter and brother to sister – and friendship. It’s a rollicking good action adventure story which I enjoyed a great deal.

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