Friday, 13 March 2015

G J Reilly

I love finding a new author and I enjoy YA fantasy - I've got them both here!

Inquisitor Inquisitor

My review -

Any story of an eleven-year-old boy which takes place in a boarding school where children with special powers learn how to use their gifts is inevitably going to invite comparisons. Don’t do it. Read this on its own merits. Michael’s uncle died when he was born, leaving him an old, locked book in his grandmother’s safe keeping. Michael was the first baby born in the new millennium, a fact of significance. There are two secret groups here, the group which runs the school, searching for its new Grand Inquisitor, and another, called the Elder Council. Michael has been taught to distrust the Council but should he? Who is telling him the truth?

This story’s strengths are that Michael is a believable character and is faced with puzzles and trials, both physical and mental, which test his mettle. Nothing comes easily to him and though we are willing him on, we don’t know who he can trust either. He is faced with a great conflict which sees him fighting his best friend. I felt that sometimes his, and others’, feelings were a little adult for children of that age but the story carried me along with it. I’m pleased to say that this is the first of a series. I’m sure I’ll read the others.

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