Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Michael Murray

This look like being the first in a series - and I'll be very pleased if it is! 

A Single to Filey 

My review - 

This story is a wonderful interweaving of people and happenings and is shown to us from the point of view of DCI Tony Forward. He is investigating the brutal murder of a local head-teacher and most people seem to think the case is closed when a young man who had been seen arguing with the head-teacher is found hanged, presumably by his own hand, at a local beauty-spot. Forward had been questioning the young man and feels that if he hadn’t let him go and had kept him in custody for a little longer, this wouldn’t have happened. He also finds evidence which suggests that the case isn’t so clear-cut.

The story combines village life, the flower-arranging class and the local lady of the manor who is chair of governors at the school and so knew the head fairly well. One of the great ‘characters’ in this book is the local landscape, some of which is named but some invented – though you can guess approximately where these places are. We get a glimpse of Forward’s private life and interests and a taster of the home life of his sergeant. This was a very satisfying jigsaw of a whodunit and I hope there will be more to come.

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  1. I'm delighted you enjoyed reading my first DCI Tony Forward novel and thank you very much for such a great review.