Tuesday, 4 August 2015

David Staniforth

This is the long-awaited second book in the Labyrinth series and I really enjoyed it.

Eye of Dominion


My review - 

I know that all lovers of the first book in this fantasy series, Alloria, will leap on this with delight. It’s been a while coming. However, all the great characters are there. David Staniforth can create the most evil baddies, the most delightful children – while not making them emetic – and the most trustworthy friends and colleagues. Once again we meet Alloria and her brother, who is under the influence of the most repulsive villain of all time, Glebester. I felt sorry for her brother, Yrion, who was tempted by power before he realised the price he would pay. Alloria and Nat become a little closer as they grow up together. And Bane is just big, irrepressible Bane. Got to love him! They travel the Labyrinth and are instrumental in bringing justice where Yrion and Gleberster have wrought evil. Ymarid, her father, at times seems like a feeble old man but we witness his power and above all, his love.

The author is particularly skilled at drawing a fantasy world the reader can almost see, smell and touch. He’s a gifted descriptive writer but doesn’t use it to pad out a floppy plot. The writing lifts and carries a complex stories with all the traditional themes you’d expect in a book of fantasy. A new world, new creatures but above all, compassion and friendship. I love it!

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