Saturday, 24 October 2015

Will Once

This genre is a new departure for the author. He's very good at it!

My review - 

I've always loved fantasy but as I've grown older I tend away from the orcs and elves and swords stuff and have begun to prefer books whose fantasy takes a different form. Here, the little world portrayed begins with a Law. The people learn it, chant it and know it's for their own good. Supposedly. Young Kori, who lives at the edge, knows there's something wrong. The world is out of balance. It's broken. She has a special gift, the Knowing. Bit by bit, the workings of this world trickle through to us. It's a long but exciting story. The people of this world obey the laws and barricade themselves in at night because to be outside in the Dark is to fall prey to the Terrors. Eventually, Kori dares to open a shutter and sees one.

This tale, which asks questions of authority, of the law and of those who try to keep us in our places 'for our own good' is so far up my street that it's banging on the doorknocker. It's a well told and meaty story and is evidently going to have at least a sequel. Highly recommended.

I received an advance copy for review.

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