Monday, 14 December 2015

Will Macmillan Jones

This is the second in a series which I've read to my grandchildren. They keep pestering me for the next one!

The Return of the Goblins

My review - 

Wobbles, as Lisa's brother Jeremy calls her, is a girl named Lisa who has Snort the dragon as a friend. Her brother is friendly with the man next door who is expecting a delivery of lizard eggs. He shouldn't be keeping them as they are rare. The Goblins want them, and they wouldn't mind eating Jeremy – after he's stolen the eggs for them.

I read this story to my granddaughters one holiday, a chapter each evening. I thought they might find the more horrid aspects of the goblins' characters rather frightening for bedtime but they loved them. It was exciting, not scary and as little girls they were rooting for Wobbles. When I read that the third Snort and Wobbles book would be called The Headless Horseman, they cheered! Bring it on, says Gran.

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