Sunday, 30 April 2017

Erik Therme

I came across this author in a review group. I love his style.

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My review - 

Sarah and her boyfriend Matt have a fight on her birthday when her car breaks down. She finds him threatening and frightening and decides to walk off to find help. She’s offered a lift by two younger boys, which she isn’t keen to accept. One of them, Kevin, the car owner, offers to take her home but she wants to go to see her childhood friend. The night seems to stagger from one disaster to another.

There’s a theme here, it seem to me, about our evaluation of people. Are they who they want us to think they are, or who we remember them as? Do we ever really know? With a small cast of well-drawn characters, this plot reeled me in and I cared about what would happened to Sarah, Matt and Kevin. A very good, engaging and enjoyable story.

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