Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Mark L Fowler

I love writers who aren't stuck in a rut, and Mark Fowler is demonstrably one such author. This is his first crime story and I'm chuffed to see it's the start of a series. I love the cover too, incidentally.

My review -

On a redevelopment site in Stoke, a boy and his dog find the bones of a teenager. He went missing on his way home from school thirty years ago. DI Tyler and DS Mills interview his old school mates, teachers and his sister. They begin to pick apart who could have been involved but the problem is evidence. It’s who you know that can keep your nose out of trouble, it seems.

I really enjoyed this crime story, including the plot, which takes us back to a different era in school discipline, and the characters, particularly the two lead detectives on the case. Tyler is new to the area and Mills a native. As you read, you can feel their growing respect for one another. It’s a team that I hope we’ll see again. As in life, not every thread is tied up. There’s someone bad still at large. I wonder if Tyler and Mills will come up against him again. This could be the start of a great new detective series. I really hope so, and heartily recommend this book to all crime readers.

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