Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Joel Hames

Another book featuring a favourite character! What's not to like?

No One Will Hear link

My review -

Sam Williams is a character I’m growing to like more with each book he features in. He has been bequeathed the task of compiling the life story of his ex-boss, the woman who sacked him and who has been murdered. He has to work with an old enemy, and the woman’s daughter. This seems to be a wild goose chase with obstructive police, smarmy bigwigs and a mentally fragile woman. He discovers there have been more murders and then Sam’s girlfriend starts to behave out of character. The story can stand alone, I think, but more will fall into place for the reader who has read Dead North first. There’s so much happening here and it’s all important to the plot. I love the intricacy of these stories. A Sam Williams story is always a guaranteed good read.

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