Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Alan McDermott

A new set of characters (and echoes of the old) from Alan McDermott in this super roller-coaster of a thriller.

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My review -

Eva, the feisty main protagonist in the story, is a former assassin for the CIA. She believes she has been killing the enemies of her country. When her brother is killed, she questions her whole basis of her previous life and finds things are not as she’d thought. This is a brilliant conspiracy theory novel. Taking a stand, she finds things get worse for her, and the ex-soldier who shares her task. She’s a resourceful woman and we go from thinking she’ll make it to fearing she’s doomed – and back. Bringing in an old lover of hers was a master stroke from author Alan McDermott. He has always written an exciting novel. Here, he’s surpassed himself. A brilliant read.

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