Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Alice Castle

The seond in the London Mysteries, The Girl in the Gallery tackles several diffcult themes but in the hands of Alice Castle, they are leavened with her heroine Beth's natural humour.

The Girl in the Gallery

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My review -

Beth is once again first on the scene when a body is found, this time in her local art gallery. A young girl is draped over a sarcophagus with her arms crossed on her chest, like a classical figure. In a dither, Beth phones an ambulance, as the girl still has a pulse, and her acquaintance from a previous murder enquiry, Inspector Harry York. Suicide or attempted murder? Then another girl from the same class is found deeply unconscious.

Because she’s determined and dogged, Beth can’t let this go and leave it to the professionals. She’s sure there’s something toxic going on with that group of girls. The writing is gently and funny, while not diminishing the anguish of those involved. Beth’s a brilliant character, intelligent and nosy and an excellent foil for the profession, Inspector York. There’s also a spark between them which I hope continues to flare in later stories. A series to sit back and enjoy. Thoroughly good!

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