Sunday, 10 December 2017

Andrew Barrett

A new, stand-alone thriller from Andrew Barrett. See, he doesn't just do Eddie Collins!

The End of Lies link

My review - 

This stand-alone crime story is told by Becky Rose whose husband Chris, working for the police, has a plan to make them rich. Why should the gangsters be untouchable, he asks. It all goes wrong when Chris is found stabbed to death in their living room and a group of thugs ransack their home looking for something. Becky stands up to a vicious gang boss in terror of her life. Nevertheless, she’s not a likable character.

In this book, Andrew Barrett has created a fast and action-packed story which moves about in time with the death of Chris as the balance-point. Before he dies, we hear of their plans. Afterwards, Becky fights to outwit a gang boss and get the money her husband was implicated in trying to steal. The backward and forward chapters fill in details for the reader without that feeling of disorientation it can sometimes create. It’s an exciting story and an unusual take on the police versus gangs model of crime fiction. It’s a roller-coaster of a read and I really enjoyed it!

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